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Review Guide for Chem 102 Midterm Exam #1 Winter, 2011 DATE FOR EXAM: Friday, January 28, 2011 Review session will be on Wed Jan 26,2009 , 12 -1 pm at PS 607 . The test will mainly focus on material in Chapters 8, 9 & 10 . The midterm exam may include multiple choice questions. No scantrons are necessary. Study your lecture notes, and homework assignments. Expect to solve problems. Test yourselves by doing problems similar to the homework under time constraints. If you understand the concepts fully, you should be able to do these problems within 10-15 minutes. If not, you need to study and practice further to improve your speed and test taking skills. It is our hope that you are here to learn Chemistry and not just to get a grade. So study hard test or no test. The following topics are mentioned to help focus (but not limit) your review: 1) Know how to draw Lewis structures, deduce the shape of the molecule by VSEPR and predict the types of hybrid orbitals present using Valence Bond Theory. Describe the electron domain (ie electron pair) geometries and molecular geometries of given molecules. Name all of the possible molecular geometries. Describe the polar properties of a given compound. What determines the polarity of compounds? Know factors affecting bond lengths and bond energies. What affects the bond angles. Know the various types of isomers: structural, geometric, optical.
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chem102-test1guide - Review Guide for Chem 102 Midterm Exam...

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