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Review sheet for Exam 2 Chemistry 101 Fall 2010 Introduced in Chapter 4 and continued in later chapters 1. Basic understanding of a chemical equation. 2. Balancing chemical reactions and conservation of mass. 3. Mole ratio in chemical reactions. 4. Limiting reactant. 5. Percent yield. 6. Percent composition and empirical formula. Introduced in Chapter 5 and continued in later chapters 1. Net ionic equations. 2. Acid-base reactions and titrations. 3. Molarity. Introduced in Chapter 6 and continued in later chapters 1. Kinetic, thermal, and chemical energy. 2. Energy transfer and conservation of energy. 3. Temperature, heat transfer, exothermic, endothermic, and enthalpy.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Energy transfer for T changes, phase changes, and chemical changes. 5. State function, path function, and Hesss Law. Exam questions can be 1. Quantitative problems (e.g., finding a numerical result, using significant figures, etc.) 2. Qualitative problems (e.g., drawing pictures, estimating an answer, etc.) 3. Open-ended response (e.g., naming a compound, explaining a concept, explaining how to solve a problem, etc.) Exam questions based on 1. Lecture material, examples and practice problems, 2. Homework (OWL, textbook, group), and 3. Recitation quizzes....
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