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Review sheet for Final Exam Chemistry 101 Fall 2010 Introduced in Chapter 1 and continued in later chapters 1. Kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory. 2. Nanoscale, macroscale, and symbolic representations. 3. Features of atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds. 4. Phases of matter. 5. Physical and chemical transformations. 6. Measurements. Introduced in Chapter 2 and continued in later chapters 1. Atomic structure and isotopes. 2. Significant figures and scientific notation. 3. Mole and molar mass. Avogadro’s number (N A ) for # items-mole conversions. Molar mass (MM) for mass-mole-atom or molecule conversions (using N A and MM). 4. General aspects of the periodic table. Introduced in Chapter 3 and continued in later chapters 1. Ions, ionic compounds, and solutions of ionic compounds. 2. Percent composition (mass %). 3. Molecular compounds. 4. Chemical formulas and naming of ions, molecules, and compounds. 5.
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