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Review sheet for Exam 2 Chemistry 103 Spring 2010 Chapter 16 topics 1. Buffer solutions, including creating buffers, buffer capacity, buffer reactions, and pH calculations. 2. Titrations, including equivalence point vs. endpoint, buffer region, and pH calculations. 3. Solubility equilibrium, including saturated vs. unsaturated (Q vs. K), K sp , solubility calculations, and Le Chatelier’s principle (e.g., common ion effect). Chapter 17 topics 1. Entropy, including the concept of dispersal of energy, absolute entropy and the third law of thermodynamics, second law of thermodynamics, and qualitative predictions and quantitative calculations for changes in entropy. 2. Gibbs free energy, including its relationship to entropy of the universe, and as a
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Unformatted text preview: function of enthalpy, entropy, and temperature of the system. 3. Predicting favorable reactions based on enthalpy, entropy, free energy, and temperature. 4. Hess’s Law calculations for enthalpy, entropy, and free energy. 5. Gibbs free energy and its relationship to equilibrium. 6. Thermodynamic stability vs. kinetic stability. Exam questions can be 1. Quantitative problems (e.g., finding a numerical result, etc.) 2. Qualitative problems (e.g., drawing pictures, estimating an answer, etc.) 3. Open-ended response (e.g., naming a compound, explaining a concept, explaining how to solve a problem, etc.) Exam questions based on 1. Lecture material, examples, and practice problems, 2. Homework (OWL and textbook), and 3. Recitation quizzes....
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