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BIOL 340 – EXAM 2 175 points Page 1 of 4 November 20, 2008 Write only answers on lines provided. Anything else on lines will result in deducted points. Each part = 5 points or value indicated. PRINT YOUR NAME: KEY 1. In Drosophila , light bristles ( l ), rough eyes ( r ), and curved wings ( c ) are all recessive, autosomal traits. In the parental generation you cross a true-breeding female to a true-breeding male to produce the F 1 generation. You testcross an F 1 female and obtain the following 1,000 individuals in the testcross offspring: 36 = wild-type 42 = light, rough, curved 2 = light 2 = rough, curved 92 = rough 88 = light, curved 366 = curved 372 = light, rough a. Construct a complete map showing mutant gene order and distances in each region for adjacent pairs of genes. ( Worth 15 points; 5 points for the correct gene in middle; 5 points each for the correct distances ) l----------18.4--------------r-------8.2-------c b. What is the value for the coefficient of coincidence? 0.27 c. How much interference is there? 073 d. What does the interference value in this problem specifically mean? 73% of the time, crossing over in one region reduces crossing over in adjacent region e. Give the genotype of the F 1 female using proper Drosophila notation and showing proper linkage relationships. l r + // + + c f. If you testcross an F 1 male Drosophila instead of an F 1 female, what phenotypes with corresponding ratios will appear in the testcross offspring? ½ curved: ½ light, rough 2. In the F 2 of guinea pigs, you observe for coat color a phenotypic ratio of 9 black to 3 brown to 4 albino. You then testcross the F 1 that produced this F 2 phenotypic ratio and obtain 1,000 guinea pigs. a.
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SampleMidterm2 - BIOL 340 EXAM 2 175 points Page 1 of 4...

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