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Root Word List One of the most difficult things about studying science (especially biology and medicine) is the many names and terms that seem difficult. Most of them are based on Latin or Greek words. By using the following glossary you may be able to figure the meaning of many of these terms as you come across them, which might help you to understand them and learn them. Keep this packet in your science notebook. A a- or an- without, lack of, not ab- away from acro- height, extremity acu- needle, sharp ad- toward, near, on aer-, aero- air albu- white alg-, -algia pain allo- different alveol- a cavity ambi-, amphi- both amyl- starch ana- up, back, or apart anemo wind, moving air angio- vessel, case, closed annel ring antho-, -anth flower anthro-, anthropo- human anti- against, opposed to ante-, antero- before, forward apo- away from, separation aqua water arachn- spider arch-, archaeo- ancient, beginning arthro- joint, jointed arteri- artery -ase an enzyme -asis, -osis state of, condition of aster, astro- star atmo- breath audi-, audio- hear auto- self aux- grow, enlarge B bac- rod, stick bentho- depths (of the sea) bi-, bis- double, twice, two bio- life blasto-, -blast germ blephero- eyelid bot- graze, feed brachi- arm brady- slow brevi- short bronchi windpipe bry-, bryo moss or grow C capi-, capit- hair, head calor- heat capsa- a box carb- coal carcin- tumor cardi- heart carn- flesh carp- (-carp) wrist (fruit) cata- down cauda- stem caus- burn -cele tumor or swelling -centesis puncture, tap centi- hundredth centri- center; at the center cephal- head cereb-, cerebro- brain cervic- neck chiasm- marked crosswise chel- claw chemo- by chemicals chlor- green choano- a funnel chole- bile chondro- cartilage chord string chrom-, chromat- color chym- juice -cide kill, destroy cilia- hair circum- around cocco- berry cochl- snail coelo-, celo- hollow, cavity coit- a coming together coll- glue co-, con-, com-, co- with, together contra- against, opposite corpor-, corpus body cost ribs cotyl
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list_-_root_words_2007-8 - Root Word List One of the m ost...

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