PHYS102Syllabous - Physics 102 Winter Quarter 2011...

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Page 1 of 5 Physics 102 Winter Quarter 2011 Professor ARMEN N. KOCHARIAN Department of Physics and Astronomy, California State University, Los Angeles Email: armen. Email: Web site: Office: P.S. 312, Telephone: (312) 343-2125 PHYS LEC: TTH 9:50 am – 11:05 am P.S. 158 1. PHYS 102-02, LEC 10028: Text book R.A. Serway C. Vuille, & C.A. Bennett.: COLLEGE PHYSICS (8-th Edition) (Lecture + Lab) is a calculus-based study on Mechanics. Prerequisites High School Physics, Algebra and Trigonometry are required. The suggested course for chapters 10 through 19 inclusive follows the content of the text book. Updated modified versions of syllabi will be available on WebCT. The supplementary Text book of P. Davidovits on “Physics in Biology and Medicine” (3-rd Edition); ISBN: 0123694116 is required for assigned text material and additional problems. 2. PHYS 102-09, LAB 11171 W 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm (PS 300) COURSE DESCRIPTION Thermal Physics: Temperature Scales, Expansion. Ideal Gases, Kinetic Theory, Radiation. Problem Solving. Energy in Thermal Processes: Heat and Internal Energy, Specific Heat and Entropy. Problem Solving. Work Diagrams: 1-st and 2-nd Laws of Thermodynamics, Thermal Processes, Thermal Efficiency, Entropy and Disorder. Problem Solving. Vibrations and Waves: Hook′s Law, Elastic Potential Energy and SHM, Types of Waves, Interference. Problem Solving. Sound: Speed of Sound, Energy and Intensity, Spherical and Plane Waves, Doppler Effect, Standing waves and Resonance. Problem Solving. Electric Forces and Fields: Electrical Charges, Coulomb Forces, Electrical Fields, Gausse′s Law. Problem Solving. Electrical Energy: Electrical Potential, Capacitance. Conductors and Equipotential Surfaces, Combinations of Capacitors, Electrical Energy. Problem Solving. Current and Resistance: Electric Current, Ohm′s Law, Energy and Power, Superconductors. Problem Solving. DC Circuits: Electromotive Force, Combination of Resistors, Kirchhoff′s Law, RC Circuits. Problem Solving. Magnetism: Magnets, Magnetic Field and Forces, RHR and Ampere Law. Problem Solving.
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Page 2 of 5 Tentative Schedule (subject to change ): WEEK Topics Sections in Serway and Vuille Sections in Davidovits Problems from Davidovits 1 Thermal Physics Ch. 10 9-4,4,5,6 2 Laws of Thermal
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PHYS102Syllabous - Physics 102 Winter Quarter 2011...

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