PHYS102Midterm1 - Practice Midterm I 1 How much heat is...

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Practice Midterm I 1) How much heat is required to raise the temperature of a 225-g lead ball from 15.0ºC to 25.0ºC? The specific heat of lead is 128 J/(kg K). A) 725 J B) 145 J C) 217 J D) 288 J Answer: D 2) What is the net power that a person with surface area of 1.20 m 2 radiates if his emissivity is 0.895, his skin temperature is 300 K, and he is in a room that is at a temperature of 290 K? The Stefan-Boltzmann constant is 5.67 × 10 -8 W/(m 2 K 4 ). A) 60.3 W B) 62.6 W C) 65.7 W D) 68.4 W Answer: B 3) Two metal rods are made of the same material and have the same cross-sectional area. The two rods differ only in their lengths which we call L and 3 L , respectively. You heat the two rods from the same initial temperature to the same final temperature. You observe that the short rod expands its length by an amount L . The amount by which the length of the long rod will expand must be A) L . B) 3 2 L . C) 2 L . D) 3 L . Answer: D 4) Object 1 has three times the specific heat capacity and four times the mass of Object 2. The two objects are heated from the same initial temperature, T 0 , to the same final temperature T f . You determine that the amount of heat gained by Object 1 is Q . The amount of heat absorbed by Object 2 will be A) 12 Q . B) 3 4 Q . C) 4 3 Q . D) 1 12 Q . Answer: D 5) When a bimetallic strip is heated, the strip will bend toward the side A) with the larger coefficient of linear expansion. B) with the smaller coefficient of linear expansion. C) with the higher temperature.
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D) with the lower temperature. Answer: B 6) The coefficient of linear expansion of lead is 29 × 10 -6 K -1 . What change in temperature will cause a 10-m long lead bar to change in length by 3.0 mm? A) 5.0 K
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PHYS102Midterm1 - Practice Midterm I 1 How much heat is...

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