Smith American Creed and American Ideology

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Smith American Creed and American Ideology How does America defend its laws of citizenship and the restrictions it creates? Political membership through republicanism and ethnocultural Americanism (and liberalism) 3 Main Conceptions of American Identity: 1-Liberalism - state supported pursuit of happiness personal rights and external public good - claim universal rights which is contrary to notion of limited citizenship 2-Republicanism - creating institutions of collective self-governance to create a common good - implications of for citizenship: - necessitates a level of homogeneity - bound together by a loose confederation
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Unformatted text preview: 3- Ethnocultural Americanism (lesser nativism)-social Darwinist theories, promoting Anglo-American Protestantism-threatened by newer wave of immigrants and economic growth (industrialization/urbanization)-concept of being chosen by god…city on the hill idea All 3--harmonized during revolution for a mutual good of liberty and unalienable rights-liberal constitution but focus on republican state’s rights-women’s movement and anti-slavery called for egalitarian and morally equal claims • 13,14,15 amendments parallel republican views...
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