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Chapter 12 m. ffQ ^e intensity of riveting is to-7 w1 cm2 \_/ Threshold of hearing is 10-16 W/ rrrr2 Let R be the distance at whidr the sound intensity of thd riveter 's 10-16 Wcm2 42 lo-7 ]':m= .'. R2 : 109 m2 R:3.16 x 10am:31.6krn 12-2. Sotmd level of busy stretch 70 dB Sound level of quiet radio 40 dB Busy stretch sounds ff = f .zs times 12-3. From Eq 12-3 the sound intensity is givm by I : I p: L29 x 10-3 g/cm3 ' 2po 1 :
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Unformatted text preview: 19-16 ry7*tz : lo-eergs/s- cm2 Therefore Ps : (l2go)1/2 : Q'O-e x2xl.29 x t0-3 x 3.3 v 1g+1r/z : 2.9 x 10-4 d1m/ cmz Let the distance of the furthest detectable object be D. In 70 msec the sound pulse must travel 2D (fhere and back). Therefore D:t#: :1150crt : 11.5m The minimum detectable size is on the order of the wavelength (l) of the sound. From Eq. 12-1 ^:|:*# :L7 xlo-zcm 70x10-3x3.3x104 25...
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