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SUPPLEMENTARY SYLLABUS Chem 302A Winter 2011 Chellappah Chanmugathas Ph. D. [email protected] Office Room: PS 629; Tel: (323) 343- 5649 Office Hours: MW 12:45-1:15 PM MW 1:30-4:20 PM Course Description : Chem 302A is designed to develop skills in the basic methods of experimental organic chemistry. The fundamental aspects of this lab are preparation, isolation, purification and identification. Experiments are designed to train students in the use of laboratory equipment and instrumentation. Application of organic spectral analysis is also a major objective of this laboratory. Some Points: Read ahead before you come to the lab. You will not be allowed to start experiment without a prewrite-up. Quizzes will be given at the beginning of each class: be on time. No makeup quizzes. During experiment, everything should be removed from your bench-top except your notebook and lab manual. Please come prepared: the class ends at designated times, and you will be graded down for leaving late. Lab reports are due one week from the date it is completed. Late reports are graded down 5 points per day. Reports will not be accepted at all one week after the due date. If you miss a lab period, a make-up may be allowed only on documented absences. If you miss two lab periods, you will be dropped from class with “F”. Power off cell phones while in lab. Texting, talking, listening will not be tolerated in lab. You are not permitted to use cell phone as calculator. If you are found using the cell phone for any of the above purposes, you will be asked to leave the lab and receive a failing grade for that lab.
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Point Score Distribution Activity Points Notebook Entries 70 Reports, products 140 Quizzes 100 Written Final Exam 150 Homework 50 Instructor Evaluation
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302A_WI11_syllabus - SUPPLEMENTARY SYLLABUS Chem 302A...

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