CBT_cancer - TheApplicationofCBTtoCancer:

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The Application of CBT to Cancer: The treatment can be without full curative intent Psychologicat distress is normal when diagnosed Cancer related psychological problems: Anxiety due to clinical attendance and/or treatment session Depression interferes with demands of treatment Unable to get out of the house because of fears of meeting people Avoidance of discussion about cancer and its impacts Anger and irritability with staff and family members Depression relating to negative thoughts about self worth and appearance Depression about prognosis Problems with maintenance of daily routine because of physical debility Sexual problems There needs to be a conscience of possible negative impact of treatment throughout life 1. Managing uncertainity about the future 2. Searching for meaning 3. Dealing with loss of control 4. Openness 5. Need for emotional support 6. Need for emotional support CB elements of cancer thurdels: 1. Uncertainity about the future Preoccupation about what may go wrong
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CBT_cancer - TheApplicationofCBTtoCancer:

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