psihol aspects-cardio

psihol aspects-cardio - Wednesday June 26,1963 9:30 o'clock...

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Wednesday, June 26,1963 9:30 o'clock ajn. Psychological Aspects of Heart Disease Speaker: Louis N. KATZ Moderator: I. ARTHUR MIRSKY Discussants: DRS. SASLOW, OSTFELD, HAMBURG, WOLF, ANDRUS, STREBLE, SHAPIRO, GRINKER, BOGDONOFF, SHEPS, EISDORFER, SMITH, REESE, THOMAS, MOSES, BRESLOW, ROSENMAN, LOWN, and COHEN DR. GEORGE SASLOW: Ladies and gentle- men, members of the conference: on behalf of the National Heart Institute of the United States Public Health Serv- ice, and of the steering committee of the conference, I welcome you to this con- ference on psychophysiologic aspects of cardiovascular disease. Despite frequent statements about the importance of the psychophysiologic aspects of cardiovas- cular disease, there is much to be de- sired with regard to the solid and de- tailed, investigative and experimental approaches to, and knowledge about, the topic. The Advisory Council of the Na- tional Heart Institute has been particu- larly interested in finding out what we do know about this aspect of the gen- eral problem—what approaches and concepts are being used and by whom, and what developments are likely in the immediate future, so that they may consider appropriate ways of giving en- couragement and support to those work- ing in the field. Without further ado I will turn the meeting over to the moderator of the first session, Dr. I., A. Mirsky of Pittsburgh. DR. MIRSKY: There are few areas of cardiovascular research with which Louis Katz has not been involved. One such area is that dealing with the psy- chological aspects of cardiovascular dis- ease—and that is what he has agreed to discuss. Thus, Dr. Katz reveals his fear- lessness as well as his recognition that other physiologists have concerned themselves with the subject under dis- cussion. I have reference to Pavlov, Freud (who started as a physiologist), and Cannon, who made important con- tributions to various psychological as- pects of somatic phenomena. We may expect another new contribution from Louis Katz, Director of the Cardiovas- cular Institute of Michael Reese Hospi- tal who will discuss some psychological aspects of heart disease. DR. KATZ: I know nothing about psy- chology, not even informally, but I have been a physiologist and a cardiologist since 1918, and presumably over that period of time I should have learned one or two things. I have taught physi- ology for a number of years, and have carried out projects in both basic and clinical research, the latter as a director—that means at second hand. I have studied the role of hormones and the nervous system on the cardiovascu- lar system. I have analyzed the triggers that give rise to cardiac pain and have 413
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414 TIMBERLINE CONFERENCE been interested in, and perhaps made some contributions to, its pathogenesis; the same may be said for intermittent claudication.
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psihol aspects-cardio - Wednesday June 26,1963 9:30 o'clock...

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