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Health psych-NEPRINTAT

Health psych-NEPRINTAT - Health Psychology Update...

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Co-or dinatin g Editor Neil Coulson Deput y Editor Diana Harcourt Co-Editors Mark Cropley Pauline Fox Marcus Munafò Daryl O’Connor Rory O’Connor Sarah Christie Contents Editorial 1 Neil Coulson & Diana Harcourt Themed Articles: Complementary and Alternative Medicine The psychology of complementary and 2 alternative medicine Adrian Furnham Associations and explanations: Who uses 12 complementary medicine and why? Felicity Bishop, Lucy Yardley & George Lewith Complementary and Alternative Medicine 20 (CAM) research is relevant to all health psychology Michael E. Hyland, Man Cheung Chung & Pam Jacobs Developing complementary therapy 23 services: A systematic approach Janet Richardson continued on back cover Health Psychology Update Publication of the Division of Health Psychology Volume 13 Issue 3 – July 2004 ISSN 0954-2027
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Health Psychology Update is produced by the Division of Health Psychology (DHP) of the British Psychological Society four times a year and is designed to serve as a forum for discussion of issues related to the scientific analysis of psychological processes of health, illness and health care and the development of professional skills in research, practice, consultancy and teaching/training. Health Psychology Update (HPU) aims to: disseminate information to the membership on behalf of the DHP relating to the training and continuing professional development of health psychologists at all levels of competence; stimulate debate among the membership and to provide a forum for the discussion of issues relating to teaching, research, consultancy and the practice of health psychology ; disseminate information which may impact on members as with respect to changes in national and regional practice and policy. Submission to HPU HPU contains regular features, such as training update , postgraduate update , forthcoming events and book reviews. Other features will also appear over each volume, such as themed issues, ‘Research in Brief’ , current debates and conference updates. Suggestions for themed issues and debates are particularly welcome. Papers should be submitted in accordance with the Notes for contributors on the inside back cover to the appropriate editor. HPU editorial team The Co-ordinating Editor of HPU is Dr Neil Coulson and Deputy Editor is Dr Diana Harcourt, with up to six other co-editors responsible for specific features (see inside back cover) . Editors reserve the right to edit and cut all copy published (with the exception of letters), although all reasonable attempts will be made to contact the writer. Disclaimer Views expressed in this publication are those of the individual contributors and not necessarily views of the DHP. Publication of conferences, courses, organisations and advertisements does not necessarily imply DHP approval or endorsement. Any subsequent promotional piece or advertisement must not indicate that an advert has been previously placed in Health Psychology Update.
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Health psych-NEPRINTAT - Health Psychology Update...

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