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Piki Ish-Shalom “Triptych of Realism, Elitism, and Conservatism” Main Point: Conservatism is the ideological foundation of all realism (Both Waltz and Morgenthau start with similar conservative assumptions) – conservative ideology imbeds realist theoreticians with an elitist understanding of democracy Realism, conservatism, and elitism are linked. Different parties and ideologies DO understand each other (have some ideological basis). Conservatism: skepticism (regarding human nature and need to prevent destabilization) is basis for checks and balances (domestic side) AND BOP (internationally). Morgenthau’s Classical Realism – rationality and desire for power (clash with each other) o Theory of Democracy – minimalist and elitist with respect to expectations of citizens. Strongly pessimistic regarding democratic leaders (they have bad FP b/ c they only think about re-election) Criticizes democracy in US (moral values are the purpose and foundation of power, but they concern US role as superpower)
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