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Writing Stories on the Web with “The Hero's Journey” Alan Levine Maricopa Community Colleges, USA "The Hero's Journey" is an on-line creative writing environment created for storytelling. It features a detailed reference section based upon the work of author Joseph Campbell, with linked examples from mythology, student writing, the movie "Star Wars", and other popular culture forms. A section designed for teachers to share activity ideas on how the site can be used. The main activity is the writing tool, where students create their own stories guided by the framing questions of the Hero's Journey. A series of initial questions helps the writers develop the characteristics of their primary character. For every step of the Hero's Journey, writers can choose to add media from a library of images and sounds to include in their work. This presentation will demonstrate the project and discuss its collaborative development effort by faculty, technology specialists, and art students who design new images for the writing area. (http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/smc/journey/) Introduction The art of telling stories is interactive, common to every world culture, and long pre-dates the concept of interactive computer applications. A story told is not only shaped by the skills of the teller but also by the participation of the listeners. We created the Hero's Journey web site to meld the potential of the Internet with the innovative application of storytelling as an instructional tool. What evolved from a vague initial idea is an exciting example of how faculty, technology specialists, and students mix in a creative design process. The Hero's Journey web site provides an environment for learning the classic mythical story structure and where anyone can write original stories or analyze classic ones that follow this structure. In this paper we will describe the development of the “Hero’s Journey” and present the features of the web site writing environment we developed as a prototype in 1998, and which since more than 3000 persons have created their own unique “journey” of writing. We will also present our rationale and describe the features of a newer version currently in development. supports innovation in learning for the ten colleges in the Maricopa Community Colleges, Phoenix, Arizona. The largest community college district in the USA, Maricopa provides two-year degree programs for university transfer or occupational certificates, as well as adult education to more than 240,000 students per year. How the Journey Started… The seeds of the project began when the MCLI supported the strategic planning for the Storytelling Institute (http://www.storytellinginstitute.org/) at South Mountain Community College (http://www.smc.maricopa.edu/). A college-wide effort to integrate storytelling as a teaching tool across many disciplines, the Institute also provides s community service to help local to become better connected
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hero's journey -SITE - Writing Stories on the Web with The...

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