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SAC Annual Report - Society for the Anthropology of...

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Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness 2005 Annual Report ACCOMPLISHMENTS Membership and Dues The January 10, 2006 report from the AAA stated that SAC has 111 regular, 83 student, 4 Retired, 11 Associate, 1 Joint, 1 Life, and 9 International members, for a total of 224. These figures are very similar to those from one year previously. There were also 1 Individual and 15 Institutional subscribers to our journal. To increase our member numbers (a stated goal of the previous year), the SAC Executive Board voted to extend our special “Get to Know SAC” dues rate through December 31, 2005 (it was set to expire on April 30, 2005). This decision came about in part because of the San Francisco Atlanta move, as a result of which we lost an important opportunity to recruit members. The SAC brochure has been redesigned in a manner that makes it easily possible to change information about upcoming conferences and other news. In 2006, we printed 6,000 brochures, intending to do a mass mailing to several AAA Sections to both notify members of our 2005 Distinguished Lecturer (A.F.C. Wallace) as well as our upcoming spring meetings. Our planning hit a roadblock when we were informed by AAA staff that we were not allowed to purchase the mailing lists of other Sections without prior approval by the heads of those Sections. While this procedure is understandable, we were deeply disappointed because this policy was not made known to us when we first contacted the AAA to inquire about the steps we needed to take to purchase mailing lists. Since our mailing was intended to arrive in members’ mailboxes during the first 1-2 weeks of the new academic year, we had planned to do all of the envelop stuffing, addressing, etc. the first two weeks of August. But because several Section Heads did not respond to our request to purchase their lists in a timely manner, this mailing was staggered out over a course of over 3 months, and was not completed until mid-January 2006. This mix-up has led to greater clarity in AAA policies regarding mailing list purchases, and will consequently not be an issue in the future. However, it does provide a cogent example of the types of hindrances the AAA
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SAC Annual Report - Society for the Anthropology of...

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