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CHAPTER 2 OVERVIEW OF BUSINESS PROCESSES SUGGESTED ANSWERS TO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 2.1 Three different types of information exist in Table 2.1: 1. Internally-generated financial data 2. Internally-generated operating data 3. Externally-generated data. Internally generated financial data would be captured directly on source documents that are processed by the AIS and would be reported in traditional financial statements. Internally generated operating data can be captured in two ways. Some of this data (e.g., time worked) would be captured on source documents. Other data (e.g., employee skills) would traditionally be captured and stored by an information system that is not part of the AIS itself. The AIS, however, should be redesigned so as to integrate this data with the other transaction-oriented data. Some of the data (e.g., information on market share and customer satisfaction) must come from external sources. The AIS should be designed to store this data in an integrated manner with internally generated data. 2.2 The fact that all documents are prenumbered provides a means for accounting for their use and for detecting unrecorded transactions. Thus, a missing check indicates a meal for which a customer did not pay. Since each server has his or her own set of checks, it is also easy to identify which server was responsible for that customer. This policy may help to deter theft (e.g., serving friends and not requiring them to pay for the meal, or pocketing the customer’s payment and destroying the check) because a reconciliation of all checks will reveal that one or more are missing. 2.3
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