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Legal Foundations Homework

Legal Foundations Homework - I 1 What were the mater ial...

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I. 1) What were the material facts of the case? White brought a suit against FCI, White’s former employer, because she was wrongfully terminated on March 29, 2001. White claimed to be wrongfully terminated because she refused to perform illegal acts for the company and sued the company for punitive damages, attorney’s fees, pre-judgment interest, court costs, and compensatory damages for lost pay, lost fringe benefits, front pay, loss of wage earning capacity, harm to White’s credit and credit reputation, and mental anguish and emotional distress (both past and future). This case was an appeal from a previous suit which was removed for lack of jurisdiction due to diversity. White had not specified the total amount of monetary relief she was seeking. 2) What were the issue(s)/question(s) the Court is addressing? This current case is to determine whether the amount of monetary relief White is claiming exceeds $75,000.
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