Chemistry Midterm 2 - Chemistry Midterm 2 (Answers bolded)...

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Chemistry Midterm 2 (Answers bolded) At 25.0°C, a sample of Xe gas occupies 532 mL in a piston-cylinder apparatus when the external pressure is 715 torr. At what pressure (torr) will its volume become 873 mL if the temperature does not change? Do not enter units with your answer. Stude nt Respo nse Correc Answer: 435.7 436 Score: 1/1 2. A gas sample occupies 6.0 liters at 30 o C and 1.0 atm pressure. Calculate the new volume of gas when the temperature is halved to 15.0 o C and the pressure is doubled to 2.0 atm pressure. Student Response Correc A.3.0 L B.6.0 L C.1.5 L D.2.9 L E.3.2 L Score: 1/1 3. When an evacuated 63.8 mL glass bulb is filled with an unknown gas at 22°C and 747 mmHg, the bulb gains 0.103 g in mass. Which of these could be the gas?
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Correc A.Ne B.Ar C.N 2 D.O 2 E.C 2 H 6 Score: 1/1 4. Density measurements at STP were made on samples of the gases from two unlabeled cylinders and were found to be 0.178 g/L and 0.900 g/L. Which of these gases might be present in each tank? Student Response Correc A.He, Ne B.He, Ar C.Ne, Ar D.He, Kr E.Ar, Kr F.Ne, Kr Score: 1/1 5. Which set of the following statements contains reason(s) why the pressure in a fixed-volume container of gas increases when more gas molecules are added at constant temperature? I) There will be a larger number of collisions of gas molecules with the container walls per unit time. II) The average kinetic energy of gas molecules increases so their collisions with walls are more
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Chemistry Midterm 2 - Chemistry Midterm 2 (Answers bolded)...

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