week 3 due date 3 referance list revised

week 3 due date 3 referance list revised - Adeboyejo,...

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Adeboyejo, Betsy,(may/June 2003, Women in the Military face increasing opportunity and risk The paper gives representation on women in the military ranging from the 1600’s to 2002, it also shows what jobs the military deems appropriate for women and a brief summery of why the deems it this way. The next item it shows is how women in the current military are be assessed for more dangerous professions. Retrieved from Women in the Military Face Increasing Opportunity and Risk. Manning, Lory,( February2004), Military women Retrieved from military women The paper shows the history of women in the military and the roles that they have played since the beginning of time. Ti includes the women that have played key roles in military responsibility and how they have overcome in the struggle for independence in a man’s military. Torres-Reyna, Oscar, Shapiro, Robert, (winter 2002), The Polls Trends Retrieved from The Polls Trends The paper gives statistics in the paper that outlines women and the roles of the times, and
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