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The speech showed that even the bias of a lost era of time can have a direct involvement with today’s people. In the beginning the campaigner showed a bias against Boss Jim Getty’s by showing favoritism towered Kane. The next bias comes from Kane when saying that Boss Jim Getty’s has less than a chance at the polls. The fallacies of the speech are more pronounced, the first being the statement “the evil domination of boss Jim Getty’s” which is an example of ad hominem, because he is attacking Getty’s. The next is also an ad hominem, it comes in were Kane says “the dishonesty, the downright villainy, of Boss Jim Getty’s political machine”. The campaigner also uses apple polishing in regards to Kane being the only man who can rid of politics of this state. The next is false dilemma shown when the campaigner says “There is only one man who can rid the politics of this State of the evil domination of Boss Jim Getty’s. I am speaking of Charles Foster Kane, the fighting liberal, the friend of the working man, the next
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