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The key issues of the comic were that multiple people were giving themselves raises when in fact they were not earning them. Anita in the comic shows a common lake in judgment because of her waiting to call HR hotline the next day after she noticed that she was “broke” when in fact she had credit cards to use. The lake in judgment is one if the human responses to any hard situation that involves friends or relatives, one goes back to the feeling of peer pressure or even what I call the “high syndrome” the feeling of wanting to be liked and to fit in the first time around, some people can resist it but is a never ending cycle that comes back to hunt
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Unformatted text preview: even the best of use. The thought that I think that she had was what if my friend is fired and never gets a job and loses her house, so she had the thought of loosing someone she cared about to a stupid mistake on their parts. There are parts of the comic that shows a clear line of thought for Anita but there is also parts of the comic were she displays no logic. In my case if a person had told me about it then the next step is going thru the boss and telling them about the issue if the problems continue then go up to a higher authority....
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