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Progressive and pedigree commercials were paid for by the company’s in order to promote their business. The secondary slant in the progressive commercial is that it is the best insurances in the nation. The progressive commercial slant is that it is the best dog food for your pet and no other dog food is good for your pet. Both commercials show a fear that you are either paying too much for insurance or feeding you pet the wrong dog food, they do not bang any new fears to me because I feed my pets what they need and pay just what I need for my insurance. They both use pleasurable people to persuade people to buy their products but this is common among all commercials on the TV today.
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Unformatted text preview: No I believe if I buy a product it is based on the information I gather not from smiling women who most likely work for the company as a TV commercial host. • • • The Larry king interview while intriguing showed no slant in the article and that it was a credible source. CNN has had along and rich history of reporting world news t the public and that have earned a representation of reporting the truth. The mayor GIULIANI showed remorse of what had happened in the city that day and was concerned about how Osama Ben-Laden was still on the run and we are unable to catch him....
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