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One of the most debatable topics of today is the effects of capital punishment, how it deals with the human mind and body, and the cost it brings to the state. The main position I carry about capital punishment is that, there are a set of moral values that are set with high standards that all of society follows in order to be productive citizens in the community in which you live and work. If you choose to be a less than productive member of society and commit a crime that warrants the death penalty then yes it needs to be carried out. The main problem I see for the death penalty is that there needs to be an allotted cost set by each state that is spent for each inmate for the cost of living on death row and to carry out the death penalty. Unfortunately, the state allocates hundreds of thousands of dollars for the incarceration, staff salary, food service, protection of the inmates, and finally the method of execution. The picture that is painted by capital punishment is that negative actions have
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