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wweek 1 due date 4 - became overturned with recent findings...

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The two arguments that I choose was the argument made by Sir Isaac Newton and the Darwin theory. These two concepts have many similarities based on fact that the Darwinism has to do with the fact that most evolution has had the chance to evolve and gain the abilities that they have evolved with over time. Whereas Sir Isaac Newton theory was that god exist everywhere and in everything. These concepts are drawn on the basis that there is ultimate being controlling all there is button the point that we have freewill. The main point of Darwinism is that evolution caused animals and humans to evolve overtime and use and or lose certain abilities based on how they were effective over time. This was a common belief until some of the theories
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Unformatted text preview: became overturned with recent findings of trilobites in the Mediterranean. The findings showed that evolution did evolve but slowly over time of hundreds of years in the making. Newton’s theory was drawn on the fact that most everything come from another like the gravitational theory that he developed in order to show that the earth was in constant motion. Newton believed that god was a figure in all things present and past and that he was in every living thing and had multiple theories about the universe at hand and how its creation was ever expanding to the point that it had no end and there was no beginning....
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