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CBEST good teacher[1]

CBEST good teacher[1] - Research studies on effective...

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Research studies on effective teaching usually demonstrate that it is the teacher that “makes the difference,” but it has been difficult to identify specific qualities that are evident in a “good” teacher. Discuss qualities which u think an effective teacher should have. A good teacher will have not only has more than knowledge of a specific field and a credential, but also has she should have many special qualities or characteristics that make her stand out . These special qualities I possess that makes a good teacher are humor, organizational skills, and creativity. The first positive quality of a good teacher I possess is humor. As a teacher, I see students who become easily board in every class. After a few minutes of lecture, they squirm in their seats and ask to use the bathroom. Humor can alleviate this problem. For example, when I see bored students, I may ask, “when did you buy the shirt? Did Target have a sale?” The class laughs and this breaks their boredom. After this humorous incident, they are prepared to study.
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