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The most productive thing a supervisor can do within the stay of a company is manage their assets throughout time in an organized manner. The best way to organize their plans efficiently would be through self-sustainment of the company’s money with the company’s employees as well. The plan would include the employees stay in the company to how they work to how the employees have to promote the works environment to increase revenue. Then the company itself has to offer the other half of revenue from advertisement to promoting their own type of products to keep customer flow. The supervisor has to incorporate all of this into one efficient plan. The plan will then be broken down into the employee’s standpoint. The employees need a field of work to where it benefits the customers yet they are also comfortable with moderation. They must also have a driving force behind
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Unformatted text preview: their work ethics that will be the supervisor themselves. The second parts of the employees work morals and benefits will be given throughout to compensate them for their hard work. They will be given what they put forth but they will be expected to do so from then on. This will be the first half of the revenue and the first half of the supervisor’s responsibilities to provide. The second half will be of a dependent field from the company’s standpoint. They will have to provide the necessary material for the supervisor to do their job effectively but also to ere the supervisor has an opinion to help judge what would better benefit the company. This will be out of the supervisors reach but afterwards the supervisor must effectively an immediately be able to put the products into action. This plan is the most efficient way a supervisor could sustain a company....
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