Maximizing Profits in Market Structures Paper

Maximizing Profits in Market Structures Paper - The economy...

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The economy has aspects, which blur into subcategories. The aspects determine how a business is maintained as well as it depicts how the business will make its impact on the economy. A certain type of business will start and make sure it progresses as it continues by its procedures and structure. The economy is divided into many categories but it is defined by the competitive markets, monopolies and oligopolies. The three structures show the amount of power and money made by the industry through its style. Each role has a part in the economy and the reason why they are not in it. A competitive market in the economy show that there are many buyers and sellers as well as the goods produced being the same, or very similar. The benefit of the competitive market is that the market is offered to all and all are able to enter into the market. Monopolies benefit the people who are making money rather than the consumer. Monopolies are dictators of their economies and take more from it than give to it. A competitive market is more of a polar opposite of a monopoly because it has an economy, which is benefitted by the amount of work put into it. Lastly, oligopolies in an economy benefit the economy because of the fact that there are a few large companies, which are in competition against smaller companies. This is a balanced economy because this structured economy helps the consumer and regulates the companies with power. Each market has the benefits of either the consumer or the supplier. This either could help the economy or slowed it. The economy is determined once again as a competitive market or a market that has complete dominance. Out of the markets come two types. The market is called a competitive market which characteristics are a market that has a large scale of consumers with similar products. This lowers the demand for a specific product and allows
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Maximizing Profits in Market Structures Paper - The economy...

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