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extra credit EXTRA-Credit Take-home FINAL. Scantron only is due at your in-class final exam on March 10. You can earn up to 10 additional points to add to your transformed in-class final exam score. 1. The ability of preschool children to empathize with classmates who are feeling sad illustrates that preoperational children have developed A)a sense of integrity. B)conventional morality. C)a theory of mind. D)a concept of conservation. 2.From 2 weeks to 8 weeks after conception, the human organism is known as a(n) A)embryo. B)fetus. C)zygote. D)ovum. 3.Nonreproductive sexual characteristics such as the deepened male voice and male facial hair are called A)masculine prototypes. B)secondary sex characteristics. C)primary sex characteristics. D)teratogens. 4.Adolescents and their parents are most likely to have disagreements regarding A)religious beliefs. B)career choices. C)college choices. D)homework. 5.As adults advance in age, their positive and negative moods become A)less extreme and more enduring. B)more extreme and less enduring. C)less extreme and less enduring. D)more extreme and more enduring. 6.Excess neural connections in the brain's association areas are reduced through a process of A)accommodation. B)imprinting. C)attachment. D)pruning. 7.The improved judgment and impulse control that occur as adolescents grow older is made possible by the development of A)primary sex characteristics. B)secondary sex characteristics. C)the frontal lobes. D)the limbic system. 8.According to Piaget, the preoperational stage is to the concrete operational stage as ________ is to ________. A)assimilation; accommodation B)object permanence; stranger anxiety C)egocentrism; conservation D)responsive parenting; temperament 9.Research suggests that college or university students A)should develop clear occupational goals before they begin school. B)will shift from their initially intended majors. C)will complete a graduate school program after their undergraduate education. D)should pursue specific vocational training programs rather than a broad liberal arts education. 10.The Albertsons establish and enforce rules for their children to follow. They give reasons for the rules and invite their teenagers to join in the discussion when new rules are being made. Psychologists would characterize the Albertsons as ________ parents. A)authoritarian B)legalistic C)authoritative D)permissive
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11.Lambs raised in the barn where the cattle are kept tend to stay near the cattle when subsequently placed in open pasture. This best illustrates a process known as A)imprinting. B)conservation. C)accommodation. D)egocentrism. 12.Parents who discuss and negotiate family rules are especially likely to raise children who are A)self-reliant. B)insecurely attached.
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extra credit - extra credit EXTRA-Credit Take-home FINAL...

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