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Lecture 1 - Jan 19

Lecture 1 - Jan 19 - Hormones and Behavior Behavior...

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Unformatted text preview: Hormones and Behavior Behavior Psychology: C116 Biology: C143B Hormones and Behavior Hormones Instructor: – Dr. Lance Kriegsfeld – Office Hours: Tues 10-11, 3139 Tolman Hall GSIs: – Erin Gibson – Steve Jarjisian – Trey Williams Class Business Class Class Meets TTh 3-4 (100 GPB) Grading – – – 2 exams (30% each) Non-comprehensive final (35%) Discussion (5%) Syllabus/Important Dates – Reading assignment and tentative lectures listed NO DISCUSSION this week (starts next week) An Introduction to Behavioral Endocrinology (3rd Edition) Endocrinology by Randy J. Nelson by Goals for the course: Goals 1) Learn the principles of hormone-behavior Learn interactions (gene to behavior approach) interactions 1) Learn to think critically about Learn experimental questions in physiology and neurobiology. and 2) Learn intellectual tolerance and scientific Learn methodology (“levels of analysis” and “strong inference”) “strong Health Disparities Persist for Men, and Doctors Ask Why and New York Times HEALTH | November New 14, 2006 From diabetes to flu to AIDS, almost every disease kills men sooner than women, causing some to ask: Is men’s health getting short shrift? Hormones Hormones Chemical released from ductless glands of living Chemical cells that travels some distance to target tissues to have a biological effect. to Includes some tissues that are not necessarily Includes considered glandular (e.g., gut, brain, adipose tissue). Hormones and Behavior Hormones DO NOT act like “faucets” in which behavior spews forth if the hormone spigot is open. Hormones Environment Behavior Study of Hormones Study Remove Remove Replace Replace Correlation Correlation – Hormone Concentrations – Neuroendocrine Cell State – Receptor Numbers or Affinity The Study of Behavior Behavior is overt, observable, and quantifiable. Behavioral Research Strategies Operational definition Blind observers (avoid observer bias) “Simple” systems approach Rodents Aplysia Precision in Behavior Precision A Brief History of Time Brief 3500 years of Behavior Endocrinology ...
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