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SAM PROJECTS OFFICE 2007: EXCEL CAPSTONE PROJECT (SCENARIO 2) BIZMARKET SKILLS Add borders Add headers to worksheets Apply a Quick Style to a chart Apply accounting and percent number formats Apply bold and italics Apply cell styles Apply conditional formatting Apply date and comma number formats Change font face Change the font color Change the font size Check spelling Create a formula using the Insert Function button Create charts using column type formats Create formulas using the AVERAGE function Create formulas using the MAX function Create formulas using the MIN function Edit a chart Enter and edit text and numbers in cells Enter formula arguments (by clicking or typing) Fill adjacent cells with formulas Insert columns and rows Merge cells and center their content Modify column width Modify row height Modify worksheet names Move chart to a new worksheet Position a chart Reposition worksheets in a workbook
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Resize a chart Rotate text Save a workbook Select non-adjacent cells Set cell color Switch to a new worksheet Use absolute references Use SUM function PROJECT OVERVIEW BizMarket is an online marketplace for people who want to buy or sell a small business such as a restaurant, convenience store, or car wash. You are an assistant to a financial analyst who requests a summary of financial statistics, such as the number and amount of sales made during the past five years. You’ve created an Excel workbook to calculate the statistics, and now need to complete the worksheets and format them. STUDENT START FILE CS_Excel_1b_FirstLastName_1.xlsx ( Note: Download your personalized start file from Instructions 1. Open the file CS_Excel_1b_ FirstLastName_ 1.xlsx and save the file as CS_Excel_1b_ FirstLastName _2.xlsx before you move to the next step. Verify that your name appears in cell B4 of the Documentation sheet. ( Note : Do not edit the
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Instructions_CS_Excel_1b - SAM PROJECTS OFFICE 2007: EXCEL...

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