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Chem340 Physical Chemistry for Biochemists Dr. Yoshitaka Ishii Homework 7 Due Date Mar. 9, 2011 Ch 6 P6.2-6.8, P6.10, P6.13, P6.14, P6.16-6.20. P6.24, P6.28, P6.30, P6.38 Q1. Prove that   2 T U T T A P / ) ( / and   U T T A P ) / ( / 1 . They are also known as Gibbs-Helmholtz equations. Write an expression analogous to Eq. (6.37) to relate A at two temperatures. (Modified from P6.27). Q2 . Figure 6.8 in p126 depicts the total Gibbs energy for a mixture of NO 2 (g) and N 2 O 4 (g) at a different ratio in its equilibrium between (2 -2 ξ ) mole of NO 2 and ξ mole of N 2 O 4 (g) at a constant pressure and temperature at 1 bar and 298 K. (a) Reproduce the
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