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Bios 100 exam 4 April 29 2009 1. Collagens are typically located in the A. nucleus B. mitochondria C. synaptic vesicles D. extracellular matrix E. plasma membrane For answers to the following 5 questions, choose from the following key A. tight junction B. desmosome C. gap junctional channel D. pectin E. plasmodesmata 2. seals cells together 3. act as connecting channels between pairs of animal cells 4. connects the cytoskeleton of cells 5. polysaccarides located in the extracellular space 6. allows physical cytoplasmic connections between two plant cells 7. A steroid hormone A. typically binds to a protein in the plasma membrane B. typically binds to a protein in the cytoplasm C. typically binds directly to DNA D. typically binds directly to RNA E. none of the above 8. regulation of body temperature is an example of A. negative feedback B. positive feedback C. amplification D. homeostasis E. A & D 9. Which animal is likely to have a problem with hypothermia?
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Bios%20100%20exam%204%20%20%20April%2029%202009 - Bios 100...

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