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Malchow questions exam 3 spring 2008 A fish produces a protein that protects the function of other proteins when water temperatures are beyond its normal comfort zone, enabling the fish to move more energetically and catch more food. This change following an exposure to an increased temperature is an example of a. acclimatization b. adjustment c. adaptation d. annual actualization e. alteration Which type of cell typically displays a structure designed to increase surface area? a. muscle cell b. neuron c. epithelial cell d. connective cell e. heart cell Blood is an example of what kind of tissue? a. Connective tissue b. epithelial tissue c. endometrial tissue d. respiratory tissue e. Kleenex tissue The apical portion of an epithelial cell a. typically faces away from other tissues and towards the environment b. typically faces towards the other tissues and away from the environment c. is almost always is flat and smooth d. is connected to other tissues by specialized connections dependent upon the tissue e. always possesses aquaporins Compared to that of a camel, the mass specific metabolic rate of a house mouse is likely to be a. about 10 times as large b. about 2 times as large c. about the same d. about ½ as much e. about 1/10 as much. Blood flow in a whale’s tongue
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a. is designed to minimize head loss b. is randomly distributed to provide maximum oxygenation of the tissue c. is an example of concurrent fluid flow d.
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