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Exam #1  – Study Guide THE BEST RESOURCE FOR THE EXAMS IS WILEYPLUS! Use your homework, Powerpoint  slides, chapter readings, and the practice questions on Wiley for review. Wileyplus.com   Read, Study, Practice tab for additional review questions (similar to the  homework) The formulas that are in the back of Chapter 4 will be provided on the exam. Chapter 1 - Exhibit 1.1  o What is residual cash flow?  - How do financial manager’s decisions affect the balance sheet? - Capital budgeting - Forms of business organizations - Goals of the firm - What is an agency conflict? - Know the different types of items on a balance sheet: current assets, liabilities, long-term  debt, Shareholder’s equity, etc.   what are the characteristics of each? Chapter 2 - Describe the flow of funds through the financial system
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Unformatted text preview: -What are the different types of financial markets? -Know about interest rates and their characteristics. Chapter 3-What are the different types of financial statements? What is the purpose of each?-Market value vs. Book value-The three main components of the statement of cash flows: investing, operating, financing-Tax rates-Understand the income statement form, and how to calculate various components of the income statement (look to Wiley practice problems for help) Chapter 4-Ratio analysis what each formula tells you about the company, know how to calculate-Different types of ratios, how they are used-What is the DuPont equation and what are the components? What does it tell us about a company?-Benchmarking...
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Exam1_studyguide - -What are the different types of...

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