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M01 Study Guide_1 - SCM 300 MODULE 01 Study Packet Module...

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SCM 300 – MODULE 01 Study Packet Module 01: Intro to Supply Chain Management This module provides descriptions of some of the key concepts that will be covered in SCM 300. The course will cover Supply Chain Management, Operations, and Process Management. Supply Chain Management includes purchasing, operations, and logistics. A few traditional Operations Management topics will be studied in detail. This module is also intended to illustrate SCM 300’s framework and introduce the key terms that will be used throughout the semester. Reading Assignment Puzzle Textbook 4-27         Concepts   Terms and Lists       Supply Chain and  SCM 6-12 Vertically integrated firm 5 Inventory visibility 18 Figure 1.1 7 Reverse logistics activities 7 Demand  management 18 Supplier management 17 Supply chain integration 8, 23 JIT or lean  production 19 Distribution decision  trade-offs 19-20 1st tier  suppliers/customers 9 Four Trends in  SCM 24-27     2nd tier  suppliers/customers 9     Examples   Business Process  Reengineering 13     4-5 3PLs 14     Grebson example 10-11 Supplier evaluation 17     Wal-Mart Example 15-16 Supplier certification 17     Global Perspective 21-23 MRP 18     Supply Chain Management - What is SCM? - Slides 02, 03, 13-18, 21-22 Define Supply Chain Management. What are the keys to successful SCM? What is the role of the supply chain?
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M01 Study Guide_1 - SCM 300 MODULE 01 Study Packet Module...

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