SCM300 Syl Spring 2011

SCM300 Syl Spring 2011 - SCM 300 SYLLABUS SPRING 2011 SCM...

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SCM 300 SYLLABUS – SPRING 2011 SCM 300 – SPRING 2011 GLOBAL SUPPLY OPERATIONS Course Email Address: [email protected] In order to ensure a more rapid response to your email, please send emails to [email protected] . Email Hours: We will attempt to answer emails within 48 hours of being received. Emails are not typically answered on weekends. If you send an email on Thursday or Friday you may not get a response until Monday. PLEASE READ EMAIL RULES BEFORE SENDING AN EMAIL Instructor: Eddie Davila Email Address : Please use [email protected] Office : BA 430 Office Phone : 480 -727 -6688 (Email preferred) Office Hours : Updated Office Hours are posted weekly on the SCM 300 Blackboard website TABLE OF CONTENTS Course Website Page 1 Course Materials - Textbook and Notes Packet Page 1 Course Grades and Grade Breakdown Pages 2 and 3 Exam Guidelines and Exam Tips Page 3 Due Dates – Quizzes and Individual Assignments Page 4 Open Labs – Explanation, Sections, Schedules Pages 4 and 5 Drop/Add Deadlines Page 5 Grades – Questions and Disputes Page 6 Cheating Page 6 Assigned Reading Page 6 Emails Page 6 Student Absences Page 7 Technology Fee Explanation Page 7 Students with Special Challenges Page 1 Daily Course Schedule – Monday/Wednesday Page 8 Daily Course Schedule – Tuesday/Thursday Page 9 SCM 300 WEBSITE : For IT related issues and problems accessing website send a detailed question to [email protected] The following is a list of things typically available on the course website: Syllabus Lecture Materials – Slides, Problem Sets, Study Guides (Contains detailed reading assignments) Online Quizzes – Take these on your own time at home, not during your open lab. Individual Assignment (IA) Materials Course Announcements Discussion Board Grades – These will be updated approximately every two to three weeks Grade Calculator – Helps you keep track of your grades. Helps calculate your grade in the course. COURSE MATERIALS TEXTS – Note: Both texts are custom books so chapters do not always go in order. Textbook #1 - Introduction to Integrated Supply Chain Management (Cover – Human figures holding puzzle pieces) ISBN – 978-1-1110042-0-0 Publisher: Cengage Learning Required Textbook #2 - Introduction to Integrated Supply Chain Management (Cover – Colorful loops, Globe) ISBN – 978-0-558-23528-4 Publisher: Pearson Custom Business Resources –JIT Required A few copies of the textbooks are available on reserve at Hayden Library. CLASS NOTES : Copies of slides, problem sets, study packets and reading assignments are available on the SCM 300 Website under COURSE DOCUMENTS as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF files. Required 1
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SCM 300 SYLLABUS – SPRING 2011 COURSE GRADE BREAKDOWN The class will have a maximum score of 1000 points. Course grades are broken into FOUR key categories: 1. Exams 2. Individual Assignments 3.Open Lab Exercises 4.Online Quizzes Notice that the Individual Assignment category and the Lab and Quiz categories have point caps. In other words,
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SCM300 Syl Spring 2011 - SCM 300 SYLLABUS SPRING 2011 SCM...

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