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10_SurfaceWater - Stream System Network Stream Streams...

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Unformatted text preview: Stream System Network Stream Streams Streams Streams Streams cut and deepen valleys transport away sediment acting as vast sediment conveyance transport system system Parts of a Stream Channel Channel Point-Bars Levees Cut-Bank Oxbow lakes Meandering Streams Meandering Streams – Little Bear River, Utah Oxbow Lakes Graded Stream Behavior Graded Stream Valley Formation: Yellowstone River in Wyoming Wyoming Drainage Patterns Drainage Drainage Patterns Drainage Patterns Drainage Drainage Patterns Drainage Floods Floods Flood Event – A river or stream has reached Flood flood stage when the water level overflows the banks banks Floods are one of the most damaging geological Floods agents causing great losses of life world-wide agents To mitigate the impacts of flooding we use engineered structures such as dams, dikes, levees, channels, zoning, etc. channels, Floods Floods ...
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