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Antigone, hw #1 - met during the life That is not only what...

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Marko Urlic Major World Writers Prof. Ochs February 11, 2011 #3 How has your response to the story changed as a result of class discussion? Choose a specific example from the story and explore how your change in perception came about. My response to the story has not changed a lot after the class discussion. After reading the book I could get main and basic points of the story, but class discussion definitely helped me to understand it even better. It is always good thing to hear what other people think about the same stories I have read, to share different opinions. But the specific think I would like to bring out would be how everyone in the class has pretty much similar view of all the conflicts we have seen during the read. Everyone got the perception of the human law and the “God’s” law, everyone thought that the “God’s” laws should be preferences in most of the cases that we could have
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Unformatted text preview: met during the life. That is not only what students in the class thought, but also it is what Sofoklo tried to tell us writing this story. While reading the story it is hard to get the main point, even there are a lot of them, but at the end everything becomes clear, after when most of the main character died. But after everyone died it is too late for anything, and then Creon is sorry for what everything he has done. So what everyone should have gotten from the story, and I guess everyone have, is that we should think what do we do before is too late for. The story is trying to teach us to be careful what do we do before we regret it. Even there are two set of rules we have to be careful which one to choose, because after we have made our decision later it might be too late to change it and a lot of things could go wrong....
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