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Tristan 2 hw - maybe even better said it is a metaphor for...

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Marko Urlic Major World Writers Prof. Ochs March 4 th , 2011 Tristan 2 The romance of Tristan and Isolde has a lot of interesting character that I could talk about, but as the name of the story says, Tristan is the one who has a lot of thing to be talked about. The most impressing thing about Tristan in this story is his love toward Isolde. No matter what has happened he still cares about her. In some way he tries to fight against the love, but in his case it is impossible to beat it, the love towards her is stronger than he is. In the first part I could see that he was under the influence of the love potion, and to me it seemed that is not real Tristan. But in the second part of the book when the love potion lost its power, when it stopped to work, it was obvious that he became the “real” Tristan. He started to think more rationally then he used to when he first met Isolde. I believe each of us can find Tristan in ourselves, if you have ever been in love. He was “poisoned” with love potion, but I think that love potion is what Beroul uses as metaphor for “love on the first sight”, or
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Unformatted text preview: maybe even better said, it is a metaphor for period of the time when all we can is the positive things about the person we are in love with. He is blinded with love, and the love is all he can see, and because of it he does not want to give her up, he fights for her. At the end of the story when he was about to die, he had to see Isolde, she was the only one who could have healed him. In that part of the story it is obvious that his heart is beating only for her, not even for himself, which tell us that he lover her more then himself, and the life without her is just pointless. Tristan for me is just one of those who are blinded with love, and nothing else matters. He is the one who would do anything for Isolde, which tells me that he has a strong character in the question of love, even after the love potion stopped to function, and the only difference in this two parts of the story is that in the first part the love potion took his wisdom away, but it eventually came back and he started to think more rationally....
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Tristan 2 hw - maybe even better said it is a metaphor for...

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