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Marko Urlic Entrepreneurship Prof. King December 7 th , 2009 McDonald’s EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The five-year plan for McDonald's has been created by its president Karen King, east division in the US. The marketing plan was designed to promote McDonald's food all over the world as healthy food, not junk food as people think, and they want to provide the best service in the fast food restaurants. One of its plans is to make its restaurants places where everyone would like to come every day and where its costumers will enjoy the atmosphere while they are eating. Also, McDonald's on this marketing plan will work on making its food tastier but with fewer calories so everyone can consume its food products. One of these marketing plans also will be rewarding McDonald’s loyal costumers by having sales and daily “happy hours” as well. COMPANY DESCRIPTION McDonald’s company started in 1954. in San Bernardo, California, when Ray Kroc saw brothers Dick and Mac McDonald while they were servicing consumers during a dinner
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in their first restaurant. Kroc found fast and pleasant service unusual. Kroc was fascinated with that, so he made a contract with Dick and Mac. The contract was about protecting the McDonald’s name and type of service. In 1955, Mr. Kroc opened his own first restaurant in the McDonald’s system in Des Plaines, Illinois, where he used the McDonald’s brothers’ principles of work. Kroc was first successful in United States of America, and after that McDonald’s started to open restaurants in other parts of the world. Today McDonald’s counts its restaurants in 121 countries with more than 31,000 restaurants which daily serves about 50 million visitors, and it is one of the biggest and most successful companies in the whole world. McDonald’s main business goal is 100% guest satisfaction. Therefore, McDonald’s has to do its best in the whole process of
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Marketing Plan - Marko Urlic Entrepreneurship Prof King...

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