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Marko Urlic Entrepreneurship Prof. King December 3 rd , 2009 Miscellaneous Assignment: Reflection Entrepreneurship is one of the most interesting classes that did not ask for that many writing assignments that even were not necessary. We had plenty of guest speakers what actually made this class interesting to listen for. I believe guest speakers are one of the most important factors in today’s education. They bring to student their personal experience, and it is the easiest to learn from them. They might have made some mistakes in their personal life, as well as business life, and today they are aware of it and they are more then willing to share it with students, so that we, as students, do not make the same mistake. I think that not any book can teach you something
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Unformatted text preview: that a person who talks eyes to eyes with you. I have learned more in this class just by listening those guest speakers than I have in some my other classes where I actually did not even have one guest speaker. I really wish I had more classes like this one. But this class in generally was really interesting to attend to; even I have skipped it couple of times due my illness. This class taught me that I should be listening more experienced people; they might know some things better then someone else. I would definitely recommend this class to the other students who are interested in entrepreneurship and everything that goes with it....
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