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Marko Urlic Introduction to Christianity Prof. March November 30 th , 2009 Do you think that is this chapter on social justice effectively makes Christianity too difficult for most people? Why of why not? Be sure to refer to at least a couple of the eight principles given on pg. 76-80. This chapter on social justice makes effectively Christianity too difficult for most people, because in the world social justice affects everything, so and Christianity and all the other religions. Today most of the problems for human beings come from the social circumstances and that is what everyone tries to fight against. The main reason for this is globalization of the world whish has been expressed more and more every year. Economy, together with globalization, is one of the biggest concerns, and on the most common reasons of being socially
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Unformatted text preview: endangered, and I think that is because people serve economy, but it should be the other way. Not all humans are able to have dignity; not because of themselves, or because they do not want to have dignity, but because of some other circumstances that they might haven’t caused, which doesn’t mean they don’t have worth and values. For the U.S. bishops family is the central social institution that must be supported and strengthened, not undermined. Every one of us, every human being, has right to live a life. But that right to live should not be abusive, and by that I mean it should not used to hurt someone else rights. It is our responsibility and duty to life with the social and moral “rules” without hurting others, because we are those ones who control ourselves, our actions, and our life itself....
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