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Does everything happens for a reason

Does everything happens for a reason - generally This...

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Marko Urlic Introduction to Christianity Prof. March Sept 11 th 2009 Does everything happen for a reason? Someone might say that we just give reason to the things what happens. But I believe that everything happens for a reason in this world. One simple example for that is if I take an object in my hand and I drop it, it would fell on the floor, of course. Whatever happens to me in any moment I believe there is always something what caused that something, and that something has been influenced by me or someone else. People, God’s creation, are usually what makes things to change, and by that we are the main influence of something happening. God created this world and he created us to live. He created us with a reason, we believe in Him for a reason. Human life is fool of happening and all those happenings have happened for a reason. All my life I have been looking positive on everything, I can say for myself that I am a big optimist, and I am really satisfied with my life in
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Unformatted text preview: generally. This satisfaction is a product of my personal view on everything. Whatever happened to me I just kept looking straightforward. Whatever happened in the past is past and cannot change it. Everything happened for a reason and I cannot change it. It is what it is. I believe that the reason why I am satisfied with my live is my perspective of the life. Back home we have saying: “Whatever you do good, it is going to come back to you twice better.” If things go bad in life there has to be a reason for it. That is the way I see it. If something happens bad to me I am trying to see that as something good. At least I am trying to get a lesson of it, to learn something new, to not repeat some things again. The way I look at all those bad things happening to me, I look at them as a reason; a reason because of I am going to learn something, something what is going to be the lesson in my future....
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Does everything happens for a reason - generally This...

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