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isn't bliss - a real true People do not usually talk about...

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Marko Urlic Introduction in Christianity Prof. March October 27 th , 2009 Given all the variances described by this chapter do you think this information should be taught to the average reader of the Bible, or the average Christian? Asking me this question I think it would be fair to let know every reader of the Bible, and every Christian what is the real true. Even they have read and they have been taught about Bible they should know how did Bible become a Bible. This does not only has to deal with Christianity, it also has to deal with science and history. It was not easy to put together all those stories that have been going around people for centuries. A lot of people had to put in a lot of hard work to try discover what is a real true, or what is suppose to be
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Unformatted text preview: a real true. People do not usually talk about discovering Bible because they do not feel like they need to. It is what it is. All those stories are pretty much similar and they teach us pretty much the same thing, and I guess there is no need to go further than that. Those little mistakes will not change our life, those little things will not change directions of our life, and so why should we actually bother our minds with that, and I do not think there is a need for it. But, again, people should know about possible mistakes they might have been made, and that should not affect our life and our beliefs. Christians already know that they are Christians and they know what they believe in....
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isn't bliss - a real true People do not usually talk about...

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