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Purgatoty - physical way He “made” purgatory because...

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Marko Urlic Introduction to Christianity Prof. March September 30 th , 2009 Preacher for a Day In a sermon at the funeral for Ed, 65-years old victim of cancer I would use doctrine of Purgatory just because Ed ask me to do it for him. I would talk about it as the last step before getting into the heaven, the place where everyone leaves all bad things behind them. It is the place where God wants us to see what we did wrong during our lives, to get relief of our guiltiness, and then to confess for all those things. He, the God, wants us to enter to the haven with purity and clarity. He wants all of us to be pure beings, but not in
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Unformatted text preview: physical way. He “made” purgatory because they are a lot of people who deserves to enter the haven, but are not totally innocent. Those people need to “clean” themselves and to pass through doorstep first they have to pass through purgatory. If we think to ourselves, almost each one us has to pass through purgatory, just as Jesus said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” This tag says everything, it explain us that everyone should expect to see the doors of the purgatory....
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