#2 - would bring profit in the economic system it would...

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Marko Urlic Technology and Communication in Business Prof. Anne King September 29 th , 2009 Hi Mr. Smith, I came to my work this morning and I grabbed the newspapers. I saw that in the past five years US economy has added nearly two million new jobs. And as I could understand all those new jobs were in healthcare. Me, as the CEO of a small manufacturing company, I have to show my impression that government’s economic policies are not working as it is stated in your article. I understand that baby boom generation is getting older and they need better care, but besides giving new jobs government has to be aware of some other facts such as healthcare coast, taxation policies in the manufacturing sector, and unfair competitive practices from companies in certain countries. Adding new jobs do not mean that
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Unformatted text preview: would bring profit in the economic system, it would also bring some cost as well. My opinion is also that government should keep eyes on younger generations who has jobs and who are uncertain about retirement plans. Also, there are so many elderly people who are on government health insurance plans because private plans are way expensive and do not cove many pre-existing conditions. I was really intimidated by your article and I just felt like I should e-mail you with my opinion. I hope my words will encourage you to make a research about what I said and that you will write another article that will show what the government is doing wrong. Thank you, Marko Marko Urlic CEO Office: 309-868-5607 Mobile: 309-868-5607...
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#2 - would bring profit in the economic system it would...

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