#3 Practicing the Art of Persuasion

#3 Practicing the Art of Persuasion - longer and reduces...

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Marko Urlic Prof. King Assignment #3 September 29 th , 2009 Practicing the Art of Persuasion John Smith 1234 1 st Avenue Davenport, IA 52330 September 25 th , 2009 Dear Mr. Smith: This letter is sent in response to your inquiry in which you stated your interest in becoming a potential franchise owner of Hangers Cleaners. Our company is one of the most respected dry cleaning businesses in the country. We have over 50 franchises nation wide and we are known for our special methods of dry cleaning. We use, what is called, “CO2OL Clean” dry cleaning machine that prevents the emission of toxic waste and keeps the environment clean. This is the reason why our company is known as “green cleaners” of the industry and was awarded many accolades from the Environmental Protection Agency. Our company's popular pun is - “clean with clean conscience”. Our customers love the fact that with this new machine their clothes are toxic waste free and are better preserved which makes them last
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Unformatted text preview: longer and reduces fading. The special design of our stores makes us differ from our competition. When we established this chain, we hired both dry cleaning experts and architects to come up with a modern, high-end retail look for our stores. Clean and light filled interior are the little things that make us special and different from all those other toxic smelling dry cleaners. If you, as a potential franchise owner, can assure us that your store would follow these standards above and also help us develop the company, we would be honored to have you as a part of our community. For more information, feel free to contact me. Enclosed with this letter are brochures covering franchise agreements and CO2OL product specifics. Sincerely, Marko Urlic Director of Franchise Development Hangers Cleaners 3505 County Road 42 West Burnsville, MN 55306-3803 Phone 952-882-5000 Toll-free - 866-262-9274...
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