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#10 Elevator Speech

#10 Elevator Speech - strong communicator and a helpful...

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Marko Urlic Prof. King Assignment #10 November 3 rd , 2009 Elevator Speech November 3, 2009 Mr. Jim Jones Marketing Division Farmers State Bank 2755 Edgewood Road Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 Dear Mr. Jones: In regards to your advertisement for a Marketing Analyst position in your company. My name is Marko Urlic. I just finished interviewing with your Marketing department. I believe my energy to work hard and a passion for this area of business would be of great benefit for the company's future progress. Obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing from Mount Mercy College, has given me the kind of education that is fitting for this position. I also possess the motivation and dedication that will help me succeed at this job and strive for success everyday. I consider myself a
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Unformatted text preview: strong communicator and a helpful co-worker who enjoys working in teams. Throughout my schooling years I have worked for Mount Mercy's Mail Room as a student manager. I have also have experience working in Hospitality for six years which helped me develop my communication and interpersonal skills as I helped customers establish relationships with this small company. I would like to do the same for you. I understand that your Marketing division might be looking for a person with more experience than me, but I am willing to make that up with a lot of hard work and an ability and willingness to learn fast. I can promise you will not get disappointed if I get a chance. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Marko Urlic...
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